Nikka Yoichi, 15yo

DistilleryNikka Yoichi
OwnerAsahi Breweries
StyleSingle Malt Whisky
Strength45% (90 proof)
RetailerNo longer available.

Nose: Someone left a leather jacket draped over a crate of old oranges and went to polish their shoes at the other end of the room. (8/10)

Palate: Sucking on a dried up orange peel that had been previously used to garnish a well balanced Negroni. (8/10)

Finish: After considering things for a while I have come to believe that shoe polish does have a place in caring for antique furniture. A few blocks down the road someone is burning oak chairs. (8/10)

Balance: Lovely. Delicate for sure, but lovely. (8/10)